The Founder

Elise Grillo

Elise started out painting wooden home signs as a way to fill her need for a creative outlet. With encouragement from friends and family, she began a business and started selling signs on Etsy. After realizing her design was a hit, she trademarked the home logo and added it to apparel. With the support of amazing customers, the business grew from decor to clothing, accessories, and more. With the exciting impending arrival of her first child, Elise had an amazing opportunity to step away and focus on her family, which is when Maria stepped in...

The Owner

Maria Costello

Maria Costello, Fitness Professional and mother of two girls, was a devout client of the HOME Brand since its inception. She and Elise developed a friendship and bond with Long Island pride at the heart of it.

When it was time for Elise to pursue a different direction in her life, Maria felt compelled to continue the legacy that Elise created. A graduate of FIT with a major in Fashion Merchandising & Production Management, a corporate retail career spanning 15 years, Maria knew she was the right person to take the HOME brand into its next iteration. 

As it’s new owner, Maria is excited to expand the HOME brand into other categories including baby & kids, athleisure, accessories, glassware, personalized gifts and so much more!

Outside of running the business, you can sweat with Maria at CycleBar Sayville. Catch an episode of her Fitness Podcast on Spotify or slide into her DMs on instagram @costello_maria_ and share with her why you love the HOME brand.